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What Is A Minimiser Bra?

Everything You Need To Know

Written on 13 September 2021

What is a minimiser bra

A minimiser bra is a bra that is designed to make the size of a woman's breasts appear smaller without causing discomfort. This is achieved by combining design features and materials that work to evenly compress and distribute the breast tissue over a larger area. 

Women with larger breasts may prefer to wear a minimiser bra to feel more secure, to aid the fit or look of an outfit, or because they feel a little self conscious about the size of their breasts and want them to look smaller. 

Minimiser Features 

  • A bra designed to make breasts appear smaller
  • Smooths, flattens and redistributes breast tissue to alter their shape
  • Provides comfortable and secure support for larger breasts 

Just like regular bras, minimisers come in a wide variety of styles, materials, colours and sizes to suit all budgets and they can be wired or underwired with complementary matching knicker sets available too. 

Where To Buy

At Flowerbags Lingerie, we stock a wide variety of minimiser bras from brilliant brands that design supportive bras in a range of colours and quality materials to help you to feel confident and comfortable with larger breasts, whatever you’re wearing. 



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We get lots of questions from ladies looking for a way to make their breasts look smaller or that are struggling to find the right level of support for their chest throughout the day or during exercise. 

To help our ladies feel comfortable and supported, no matter how big their breasts are, in this article, we’ve gathered up the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about minimiser bras. 

We hope the information below, along with some suggestions of super minimising bras available from the flowerbags online store, will help big breasted women love and celebrate their larger chests in style, whatever the day ahead throws at them!



How Do Minimiser Bras Work? 

Minimiser bras work by redistributing breast tissue evenly over a larger area so that they appear flatter against the chest and don’t project forward as much as they would if supported by a regular bra. 

It's important to be clear that minimiser bras have their limits and don’t work miracles! No matter how good the bra is, they don’t actually make breasts smaller but they do combine clever designs with quality materials that are tailored to reduce the look of the bust.

To put this into perspective, if you imagine that you have a ball of dough in your hands, then apply just enough pressure to flatter it a little, then you will get an idea of how a minimiser bra works. None of the breast (or dough) has been removed, but it has taken on a flatter and wider form that allows it to sit closer to the chest and not protrude as far as it would without the gentle compression that the minimiser bra provides. 

How Much Smaller Will My Breasts Look? 

As the ultimate goal of a minimiser bra is to reduce the appearance of the breasts, it’s natural for ladies to wonder just how much of a reduction they can achieve with a good minimiser bra. 

As every body and every bra is different, there is sadly no hard and fast rule for how much smaller a minimiser bra can make your breasts appear as this will be unique to each individual based on the size and shape of their breasts in the first place. 

Generally speaking though, women wearing a minimiser bra can usually expect to see a reduction of around 1 inch or one cup size. This could make a big difference for those awkwardly fitting tops, tees and dresses. This style of bra tends to be more effective on larger, softer breasts which are usually easier to squish and move around. 

Why Wear A Minimiser Bra? 

If you’ve ever worn a pair of spanx, then you get the idea of what minimiser bras are doing for your bust. Any woman with a fuller bust, or any lady that wants their chest to appear smoother and less pronounced will benefit from a minimiser bra. 

Women choose to wear minimiser bras for all sorts of reasons including, outfit choice, comfort levels, and just needing more support. Our smaller breasted readers may also be interested to know that even if your breasts are fairly modestly sized, you can still reap the benefits of a minimiser bra in certain outfits. See below for more on this. 

Outfit choice

Outfit choice

Your choice of outfit can often lead you towards a certain type of bra. That could be a push up, multiway or t-shirt style bra and in the case of minimisers, some tops or dresses are cut to suit a smaller chest or look way better with less cleavage on show. 

Think of a high necked shift dress. A supportive, barely noticeable minimiser bra working to create smooth lines and a flatter chest would create a lovely silhouette that would really set off the outfit. 

Similarly, if your favourite shirt is straining at the chest and you’re worried that the buttons might fly off at any moment, then a minimiser bra could be just the ticket to keep everything fitting nicely and buy some extra room. 

The smoothing material of minimiser bras make most minimisers almost undetectable under clothes which is perfect if your favourite top is made from a clingy material and you don't want the world to see the outline of your underwear! 


When it comes to our breasts, comfort has got to be our number one priority! As minimiser bras are aimed at ladies with larger chests, they have built in features that make them an ideal go-to bra for those looking for all day comfort too. 

  • Thicker straps
  • Full cups 
  • Bigger bra bands 

All these features work together to provide extra support and reduce bounce, meaning you can enjoy better levels of comfort throughout the day, which can solve a real issue for ladies with large breasts. 

Bra straps 

Bra straps are designed to keep everything in place. Look for minimiser bras with thicker straps to l provide an additional level of lift, support and comfort without having to worry about bra straps digging into your shoulders. Bra straps should never feel too tight, and will rarely be perfectly positioned right out of the bag, so always take time to adjust them to your body to ensure that you get just the right fit. 


Soft, smooth, full cups provide the coverage you need for your breasts to be safely secured without the fear of spilling over or creating the dreaded ‘quadboob’ look - which definitely isn’t ideal if you’re looking to detract attention from the area! 


Bra bands are where the majority of support comes from in a correctly fitting bra. For this reason, bras designed for larger breasts will tend to have a wider band that works to provide additional support and comfort. A good band will also keep the breasts away from the skin on the chest which can otherwise cause nasty rubbing or chaffing. 

Personal Choice 

Our final reason that women may want to wear a minimiser bra is simply because they can.

Many ladies wish they had bigger breasts, but if you have had to deal with the consequences of very large breasts for your entire life, then actually, having the option to make them appear smaller can be a real bonus! 

Large breasts can attract unwanted attention, and be the cause of back pain or sore shoulders. Over prolonged periods of time, these things can add up to feelings of self consciousness, low self esteem or even chronic pain, so when the option to minimise the look of big breasts is available, it’s pretty natural to want to snap it up. 

Whatever size your breasts our, we think it’s important to celebrate what you’ve got. Even if you want to make yours a bit smaller, you can do this in style with a great range of colours, materials, and fits to choose from. 

Minimiser Bras From Flowerbags Lingerie 

Now that we’ve shared the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about minimiser bras, it’s time to show you the great range we have available in the online store! 

Triumph Comfort Minimiser Bra

Triumph Comfort Minimiser Bra

This classic underwired t-shirt bra from Triumph is an underwear drawer staple that creates smooth lines and smaller looking breasts. The ultra soft material with pretty lace inserts create an elegant look and features; 

  • Moulded, smooth cups for firm support
  • Softly padded straps for comfort.
  • Triumph's famous comfort wires.
  • 25% Polyamide, 65% Polyester, 10% Elastane.

Available in cup sizes C-F and back size 34 - 42 with three practical colours to choose from.

Berlei Beauty Stripe Smoothing Minimiser Bra

Berlei Beauty Stripe Smoothing Minimiser Bra

This might be one of the prettiest minimiser bras we’ve seen. We adore this Berlei minimiser bra with its full cups, flattering stripes, and gorgeous lace with reinforced padded straps for extreme comfort. This is a look that will compliment all of your favourite going out outfits or provide a little bit of luxury during the day. It even comes with matching briefs with light control to create the ultimate streamlined look. 

  • Full cup minimiser bra.
  • Non padded, smoothing cups to give a seamless finish under clothes.
  • Adjustable reinforced padded straps for all day comfort.
  • 62% polyamide, 20% elastane, 18% polyester
  • Matching briefs also available. 

Available in cup sizes D-G with matching briefs available in sizes 12-22

Berlei Beauty Minimiser Bra - B521

Berlei Beauty Minimiser Bra - B521

Proving that there is no compromise on style when it comes to big busts, we have another beautiful minimiser from the Berlei range with matching briefs that we think you will love! 

Featuring a soft, gorgeous lace and reinforced padded straps and super soft lining to the cups for all over comfort. Our image features the beautiful burgundy colour but this bra also comes in four more lovely colours including; deep blue, black, white and nude. 

Available in cup sizes D-G with matching briefs available in sizes 12 - 22 .

Triumph True Shape Sensation W01 Bra

Triumph True Shape Sensation W01 Bra

For ladies that like delicate things, this pretty true shape minimising bra from Triumph comes with matching briefs and is available in two gorgeous colours; ashes of roses and smooth skin. It’s made in a super soft jersey and features an all over foil pattern that combines comfort with style. 

  • Minimizer bra with comfort wire and mesh inserts at cups
  • Shaping wires ensure maximum support
  • Mesh inserts at edges perfectly surround bust
  • Soft, brushed, padded straps with clean edges

Available in cup sizes C-F. 


Berlei Minimiser Underwired Bra B581

Berlei Minimiser Underwired Bra B581

Every girl needs a classic white bra in their underwear drawer and this Berlei minimiser with underwires won’t disappoint. Made from a soft cotton mix fabric it provides all day comfort and features an elegant embroidered neckline. 

  • Total support minimising wired bra.
  • Delicate bow for decoration. 
  • 48% Cotton, 34% Polyester, 13% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

Available in cup sizes C - F


Related Questions 

What Size Minimiser Bra Do I Need? 

What size minimiser do I need?

We can’t advocate enough the importance of wearing a properly fitting bra and this advice is no different when it comes to minimisers. 

Although minimiser bras are working to make your breasts appear smaller, the actual size of your breasts remains the same. This means it’s important to correctly measure yourself for a minimiser bra the same way that you would when shopping for a regular bra. 

Measuring tips

  • Start by finding your band size: stand up straight and use a measuring tape to measure in inches around your back and under your bust on the line that your bra would usually sit. The tape measure should be snug but not tight. If it reads an even number that’s your band size, if it’s an odd number, round it up to the nearest inch for your band size. 
  • To find your cup size: Wear your current bra so your breasts are held in the place you actually want them to be. Then use the tape measure to measure around the fullest part of the chest. Subtract the band reading from this reading and the difference you are left with indicates your cup size. 0=AA; 1=A; 2=B; 3=C; 4=D; 5=DD; 6=F; 7=FF; 8=G; 9=GG; 10=H; 11=HH; 12=J; 13=JJ; 14=K and so on.
  • Putting your band size with your cup size together will give you a bra size to start shopping with but be aware that this won’t provide a perfect fit in every bra. Each bra fits differently based on it’s style, material and fastenings, so use your size as a guide and make the decision of wether to buy or not based on how to the bra feels when it’s on. 
  • Never be tempted to wear a bra that is too small to try and compress your breasts further. Not only will this be incredibly uncomfortable, but it could damage the delicate tissue over time. 

Once armed with your current base line bra size, it’s time to get shopping! If like us, you like to try on clothing in the comfort of your own home away from the harsh glare of the fitting room lights, then the hassle free ordering and returns process from flowerbags means you can order as many bras as you like for your trying on session! 

Do Sports Bras Work Like Minimisers? 

Just like a minimiser, sports bras that are specially designed for high impact activity and sized for large busts will work to provide the support your delicate breast tissue needs when engaging in vigorous movements. 

They may not however provide the reduction in size that you’re looking to achieve, but this will largely depend on the style of sports bra you opt for. Some sports bras will compress breasts so may offer some reduction in overall size, whereas others lift and separate. 

When choosing a sports bra, the most important feature to look out for is whether the level of support provided will suit the type of activity that you will be taking part in. To find your perfect fit when getting sweaty, take a look at our ‘sports bra special’ blog for plenty of options to consider.

Ready to find comfort and style?

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We hope that we’ve given you plenty to think about, and lots of options to consider when it comes to looking for your perfect minimiser bra that provides optimum comfort whilst making your breasts look smaller and feel supported for whatever the day ahead has to throw at you.

A minimiser bra is a bra that 

  • Is designed to make breasts appear smaller
  • smooths, flattens and redistributes breast tissue to alter their shape
  • provides comfortable and secure support for larger breasts 

Whether you’re looking to make your favourite outfit fit even better, are looking for a new level of comfort and support through the day or just want to top up your underwear stash with pretty new designs, (don’t we all!), then there are plenty of great options to choose from in the minimiser range at flowerbags lingerie. 

If the shopping bug takes over, then we also have plenty of other styles of bras including sports bras and multi-way bras, swimwear and nightwear to choose from too. Check out the store here and if you need any help or support in choosing the right bra for you, please do call our customer services team on 01656 856160 or email us at [email protected].

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