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Surgical Bra After Breast Reduction

5 Styles You'll Want To Try!

Written on 28 September 2021

Surgical bra after breast reduction


It’s fair to say that nobody expects to feel particularly great post breast surgery. But whether you’re putting on a brave face or unashamedly having a couple of weeks in your pyjamas to recover, for the thousands of women that have this operation each year, it’s important to know as much as possible about the right surgical bra after breast reduction surgery. 

  • Supportive but lightweight
  • No wires, seams, or irritating fabrics 
  • Room for swelling
  • Soft materials
  • Wider straps or under bands for additional support 

After breast reduction surgery, proper support, lightweight materials, room for swelling, wire-free, seam-free, and all over softness are the key things you need your bra to deliver on. Finding and wearing the right post-surgery bra with all these things included will ensure that your breasts are properly supported whilst providing the right environment to give them the best chance of healing successfully. 

Surgical Bras After Breast Reduction 

Staying positive and well through your recovery means that you will be able to get back on your feet and do all of your usual activities as soon as realistically possible after the major trauma of an operation. At Flowerbags Lingerie, we stock a wide variety of brands that make it their mission to design comfortable post-surgery bras to make you feel confident, comfortable with breasts of any size and shape. 

Although post-op probably isn’t going to be time spent sporting your favourite lingerie, you still have choices in the bra department following a reduction procedure. So, if you’re ready to see what post-surgical bra options are available head on over to our online store to see a great selection from best-selling brands like; Amoena, Royce, Naturana and Trulife. 


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We have spoken to lots of lovely ladies who have experienced breast surgery and we know what a difficult and exhausting time this can be. We also know that, wherever you are in your surgical journey, there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the comfort of your breasts post-reduction.

Read on for some considerations to be aware of when undergoing breast reduction and some of our favourite surgical bras to wear after your surgery, and beyond as you learn to celebrate your new smaller chest. 

Post Surgery Considerations 

When you have undergone a reduction surgery, your chest will have experienced prolonged trauma as fat, breast tissue and skin is removed, nipples are lifted, and the breasts are reshaped. With all of this pulling, pushing and re-shaping while you’re asleep, you will be guaranteed to experience soreness and discomfort in the days, weeks and months post-surgery. For this reason, finding ways to make the recovery period as smooth as possible, is high on most ladies' lists! 

During this recovery time, your breasts could be swollen, feel tender and lumpy. These symptoms could last for up to three months, but when they pass you will be able to see the true result of your surgery. 

Instead of grinning and bearing it, (three months is a long time!) We'd love to help you find some surgical bra options that can go some way to alleviating the pressure or pain as you recover post-breast reduction. 

Shopping For Breast Reduction Bras 

Whether you’re looking for something to wear post-op in hospital, to keep you cool and comfortable on the journey home, or to support you as you resume light activities after a few weeks of rest, there are plenty of options to choose from that incorporate the specialist post-surgery features below. 

  • Front closing bras for ease of fastening without stretching or straining
  • Correctly sized so there is no unnecessary pressure on swollen areas, stitches, scars, dressing and swelling 
  • Lightweight materials free of irritation
  • Some surgeons recommend wearing sports bras 24 hours a day for up to 3 months but you should check with your surgeon for any advice specific to you and your procedure.

In the short term, you will be looking for comfortable, supportive, but lightweight bras in fabric designed to reduce irritation and there is a wide range of brands specialising in surgical bras to choose from in our online store. With over 100 options to choose from, and speedy delivery services available, you can try on all the bras that you want to in the comfort of your own home. 


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Amoena Mona Non Wired Soft Bra

Amoena Mona Non Wired Soft Bra

Our best selling Ameona Mona bra is suited to a wide variety of post surgery ladies. Amoena Lingerie is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of post surgery lingerie and this model comes in sizes 34A-40DD with colour options of black, white and champagne. 

The cups are both seam free and wire free to remove the chance of irritation on the delicate post-op skin, and it’s made from a soft Meryl microfibre for excellent all over comfort and support every day. Finally, the two-three hook fastener, depending on the bra size, comes with three way adjustment to ensure flexibility on fit as your swelling goes down. 

This bra is VAT exempt and priced at £33.99 - Shop now. 

Amoena Frances Non-wired Front Closure Bra

Amoena Frances Non-wired Front Closure Bra

Another brilliant offering from Ameona Lingerie is one of our firm favourites for post-surgery comfort. 

The Frances non-wired front closure bra is an excellent option for those initial post-surgery days and weeks when the skin around your chest may still be feeling tight and you want to minimise unnecessary stretching or reaching to fasten your bra. The convenient front closure means that you can simply look down and secure with minimal movement. 

Who says post-surgery bras need to be boring? If you like to switch up the colour of your bras to match your mood and style, then you’re in luck as this one comes in nine superb colour options to choose from - good luck deciding on your favourite!

Available in black, white, rose taupe, rose, peach blossom, nude, new in navy, two-toned pattern grey and white flowers, and finally a two-tone patterned blue and white. 

The high cotton content offers all day support while remaining comfortable and comes in the following back sizes; XS (28/30), S (32/34), M (36/38), L (40/42), XL (44/46), XXL (48/50). Cup sizes range from A-E. 

This bra is VAT exempt and priced at £24.17 - Shop now. 


Nicola Jane Etta Comfort Crop Top

Amoena Frances Non-wired Front Closure Bra

We love the combination of super-soft, seamless comfort, with a pretty lace overlay from this Nicola Jane Etta crop top. This is one fantastic bra top that makes an excellent choice for post-surgery recovery. It’s easy pull on fit, front lace camisole section and wide elasticated under band offers support and confidence when you need it most.

  • Light support bralette style.
  • Non-padded, non-wired cups.
  • Wide, comfortable straps without adjustment.
  • 100% cotton pockets on both sides.
  • 96% Polyamide, 4% Elastane

Available in black and blush in a small to extra large. Check the product page for your usual bra size conversion. 

This bralette is VAT exempt and priced at £24.00 - Shop now. 


Amoena Amy Soft Bra Top

Amoena Frances Non-wired Front Closure Bra

This is quite possibly the softest of our soft bras, the Amoena Amy soft bra is available in Rose nude or black and provides a totally seamless and closure free bra that’s perfect for sleeping in. 

We know lots of ladies have this packed in their hospital bag ready to pop on for the journey home to provide the lightest of support but with extra soft straps and a wide under band, you will barely feel it on. The lack of seams and 72% Polyester, 28% LYCRA® construction means there will be no chance of irritation for delicate post-surgery skin and it’s stretchy enough from the lycra to easily manoeuvre around tender breasts. 

Available in size Small to Large, this soft top is VAT exempt and priced at £28.33 - Shop now.

Anita Care Safina Pocketed Bra - Wide Straps

 Anita Care Safina Pocketed Bra - Wide Straps

For when you’re ready to resume your usual activities, this Safina bra with wide straps and deep under band will provide all the additional support you need whilst giving you confidence and that feel good feeling from it’s pretty and delicate tulle embroidery and five gorgeous colour options.

Anita specialises in post-surgery bras that are designed to give you comfort, confidence and security as you adjust to your new figure. Although this model is pocketed, and aimed at ladies who have undergone a mastectomy, all the other features of this bra make it perfect for post-reduction surgery too and can be worn without inserts. 

  • Stretch panels at décolleté and around arms
  • Top part of cup features transparent tulle embroidery with 2/3 opaque lining and cotton pockets
  • Stretch to the rear and adjustable at back with 3-position fastening
  • 50% Nylon 30% Polyester 10% Elastane 5% Cotton 5% Viscose

Available in sizes 34 A to a 50D, this bra is suited for all shapes and sizes, is VAT exempt and priced at £45.83 - Shop now. 


Related Questions 

Why Reduce The Size Of Your Breasts? 

Why reduce the size of your breasts

If you’re looking for surgical bras after breast reductions, it’s likely you will already be booked in for your procedure and are planning ahead to ease your recovery. Alternatively, perhaps, you’re seriously considering going ahead with the surgery due to long term pain caused as a result of your large breasts, and want to gather all the information you can before making the final decision. 

Either way, while the decision to go under the knife may be relatively easy for some, breast reduction surgery is a major operation that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although some people may think it would be great to have bigger boobs, If you have had to deal with the impact of very large breasts or one breast being significantly larger than the other for a long period of your life, then the physical and mental problems that they can cause for you are very real. 

Ladies that have reached the point where they are looking to reduce the size of their breasts are usually suffering from health issues or extreme discomfort due to their large chest. Large breasts tend to cause similar problems at all ages including; backache, neck pain, grooves in the shoulders from bra strap support, rashes under the breasts, the feeling of self-consciousness or psychological problems due to unwanted attention attracted by a larger than average chest.

If you have suffered years of backache as a result of heavy boobs, then the operation may be available to you on the NHS. If the reason for the surgery is purely cosmetic such as appearance issues, then patients are required to fund the procedure themselves privately. 

The intended outcome of breast reduction surgery is to make a woman's breasts look and feel lighter, smaller, or appear to have a better shape. 

Are Surgical Bras Exempt From VAT?

VAT is rarely anyone’s favourite topic but one silver lining of breast reduction surgery is that bras purchased for your own use due to a medical illness or some surgical procedures in the UK are exempt from VAT.

This exemption covers post-surgery and mastectomy bras, swimwear and clothing designed to support you after qualifying surgery. When shopping in our online store for post surgery bras, you will clearly see which products are VAT exempt on the product pages. 

To qualify for this tax relief, your breast reduction must not be an elective cosmetic procedure, but one that is due to medical needs. 



We hope that we’ve given you plenty to think about, and lots of options to consider when it comes to looking for your perfect surgical bra to provide optimum comfort as you heal after breast reduction operations. 

Whatever stage of your recovery you’re at, know there are lots of comfortable, supportive, easy fastening bras to choose from in the post-surgery range at flowerbags lingerie

We hope that you enjoy shopping for them, just as much as we love talking about them, and we wish you a smooth recovery as you get back to full health after your procedure. 

If you need any support choosing the right bra, you can call our customer services team on 01656 856160 or email us at [email protected].

If you’ve caught the bra shopping bug and want to plan ahead for when the swelling has gone down, and you’re feeling well enough to resume normal activities, then you might also want to take a peak at our other ranges too! For pretty lingerie, practical bras or sporty support bras for when you’re ready to cast your post-surgery bras aside and stock up on new underwear to fit and flatter your new figure, view our women’s lingerie range here

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