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Nightwear With Good Bust Support – Your Ultimate Guide

Written on 28 September 2021

Nightwear With Good Bust Support

Whilst some people can’t wait to take their bra off the moment they walk through the door and happily sleep bra-free, for those that have been blessed with a fuller bust, the idea of going sans-bra may fill you with dread. Larger busts can make it more difficult to get comfortable in bed, impacting on your quality of sleep. If this is the case for you, you may be looking for nightwear with good bust support to keep your bust in check whilst you’re sleeping.

There’s no need to struggle with the decision between sleeping in an uncomfortable structured bra and going totally braless – we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll talk you through the best bras to wear to bed, as well as for lounging around the house after a long and tiring day.  

Should You Wear A Bra To Bed?

There are many strong opinions when it comes to wearing a bra to bed. Whilst some people are firmly in favour, others are strongly against the practice. So, how do you know which is the right thing to do?

Some people find that they are able to sleep more comfortably with the support that a bra provides, especially if they have a larger bust. This is because the bra provides support to reduce discomfort from breast movement during the night that might otherwise keep you awake. There’s also evidence to suggest that sleeping in certain positions without support could cause the breast ligaments to stretch, leading to sagging.

Others argue that wearing a bra at night, especially one with underwires, could restrict blood flow or irritate the breasts. However, there’s no medical evidence to demonstrate any negative health impact from sleeping in a bra, so it really comes down to personal preference.

But what type of bra should you choose for sleep? Read on to find out.

Which Bra Is Best For Sleeping?

When it comes to choosing a bra for sleep, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. Your main priority is likely to be comfort – you need a bra that is comfortable enough that you can wear it all night, without it digging in or feeling too tight. Otherwise, you might find yourself waking up during the night to remove your bra.

You’ll also want to look for a bra that gives you the right support. There’s nothing worse than rolling over in bed to find that your bra hasn’t kept your breasts as contained as you’d hoped! However, you also don’t want a bra that offers too much support, as this may feel tight and uncomfortable as you try to sleep.

Finally, you’ll need to consider the material of the bra. Lightweight and breathable fabrics such as cotton are ideal to keep you feeling comfortable through the night. You’ll find that other more synthetic fabrics could cause sweating, leaving you feeling hot and uncomfortable and affecting your quality of sleep.

Opting for a bra that has been designed for sleep will minimise the risk of irritation and prioritise your comfort, giving you the best chance of a restful night of sleep. This is where sleep bras excel. With a lightweight design and no underwire to dig in, sleep bras are one of the best things that you can wear to bed, giving you the support that you crave without compromising on comfort.

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Best sleep bras

What Is The Purpose Of A Sleep Bra?

If you find that your breasts become uncomfortable at night without the support of a bra, a sleep bra may be exactly what you need. As the name suggests, a sleep bra is specially designed for use at night time, providing support to your bust while you sleep.

Whilst it isn’t advised to wear underwired or padded bras for sleep, sleep bras provide a safe and comfortable alternative, with a soft and seamless design to assist you in getting a good night’s sleep.  

The main reason for wearing a sleep bra is to provide support to your breasts overnight. For many people, this enhances their comfort and enables them to achieve quality sleep, without the discomfort, or even pain, of unsupported breasts.

It’s also thought that wearing a sleep bra could help to reduce sagging. This is because certain sleeping positions can cause the breast ligaments to stretch, increasing the chances of sagging. Sleep bras support your breasts, helping to prevent this stretching from occurring.

After all, most people don’t think twice about supporting their breasts with a bra during the daytime, so why should the night time be any different?

The Best Sleep Bras For Fuller Busts

There are so many different sleep bras on the market, it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you. You’ll need to think about comfort, support and material, not forgetting appearance. There’s so much to consider.

We’ve put together a list of our top four sleep bras to provide bust support overnight, so that you can get a restful night of sleep in the knowledge that your breasts are being well supported. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

1.     Nicola Jane Etta Comfort Crop Top

If comfort is at the top of your priorities list, this Nicola Jane Etta crop top is perfect. With no wires, seams or closures to contend with, this bra really does put comfort first, making it ideal for overnight wear.

With a pull on fit and a wide elasticated under band, you’ll find this sleep bra comfortable for sleep, whilst offering the support that you need to allow you to rest soundly. Not only that, but the front lace camisole adds an element of elegance and style, so you’ll feel confident wearing this bra both for sleep and for lounging around the home.  

Click here to discover the Nicola Jane Etta comfort crop top

Nicola Jane Ette Comfort crop top

 2.     Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Bralette

The environment is one of the biggest concerns of the 21st century, so there’s no wonder that many people are trying to be more eco-conscious in their choices. Lingerie is no exception, which is one of the reasons why the Pretty Polly Eco-Wear bralette is so popular.

Made from the first biodegradable polyamide in the world, the Eco-Wear range is fully biodegradable, decomposing within five years when properly disposed of in landfill. This means that you can reduce your environmental impact without compromising on your own comfort.

Speaking of comfort, Pretty Polly Eco-Wear doesn’t let you down on that front, either. This seamfree bralette has thin adjustable straps, so that you can tailor your support to match your unique body shape. The deep under band provides high levels of comfort, whilst the innovative shaping offers extra support where it’s needed the most.

Learn more about the Pretty Polly Eco-Wear bralette here

Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Bralette

3.     Chantelle V Neck Padded Crop Top

If you’re looking for simplicity, the Chantelle V neck padded crop top is ideal. Made from super stretchy fabric, this bra really does envelope your skin, providing excellent support whatever your shape or size.

With the super soft Chantelle padded crop top, there are no underwires or seams to worry about with this one size crop top. This means that you can sleep in comfort, knowing that your breasts are well supported.

Find out more about the Chantelle V neck padded crop top here

Chantelle V Neck Padded Crop Top

4.     Jockey® Modern Micro Seamfree Bralette

With a seamless design and super soft microfiber fabric, the Jockey® Modern Micro bralette features a breathable design to enhance your comfort and keep you cool all night long. The wide under band provides light support, whilst the removable padding gives you the opportunity to customise the bralette to your individual preferences.

If you’re concerned about being hot and sweaty whilst wearing a bra at night, the Jockey® Modern Micro bralette may be the ideal choice.

Discover the Jockey® Modern Micro seamfree bralette here

 Jockey Modern Micro Seamfree Bralette

Who Should Wear A Sleep Bra?

There isn’t one specific group of people that should wear a sleep bra. In fact, almost everyone could benefit from wearing a sleep bra overnight, so it really comes down to personal preference. Whilst some people enjoy going braless overnight, many people prefer the comfort and support that a sleep bra can offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the groups of people who could benefit from wearing a sleep bra to bed.

Larger Busts

For those with larger busts, it can sometimes be difficult to find a comfortable position for sleep. Not only that, but as you move around in the bed, you may find that your breasts move around, causing discomfort or even pain. Wearing a sleep bra overnight gives your breasts extra support, enhancing your comfort whilst you sleep.

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, your breasts go through some pretty big changes to prepare for your upcoming arrival. That’s why many people will experience pain and swelling in their breasts in this time. You might think that after birth, your breasts will simply return to normal, but should you choose to breastfeed, you may find that your breasts need that extra support for a little while longer, as they carry out the amazing role of nourishing your new baby.

Providing your breasts with extra support during this maternity period is one of the best ways to reduce discomfort, enabling you to sleep soundly in the knowledge that your breasts are being well supported.


After breast surgery, you will often be advised to wear a bra overnight to assist with the healing process. Sleeping without a bra may leave your breasts feeling tender or even painful, as well as affecting their ability to heal. Sleep bras are a great option for supporting breasts overnight after surgery.

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Related Questions

Does Sleeping Without Bra Increase Breast Size?

Some people believe that sleeping without a bra could increase the size of your breasts. However, you may be disappointed to learn that this is a myth. On the contrary, sleeping in certain positions such as on your side or stomach could lead to the breast ligaments stretching, increasing the chances of your breasts sagging. You can reduce this by wearing a sleep bra at night to support your breasts while you sleep.

What Should I Wear Instead Of Bra At Night?

Whilst many people enjoy sleeping without a bra at night, some people find that they need extra support through the night. If you have larger breasts, you may find that they become uncomfortable when you don’t wear a bra, making it more difficult to get a good night’s sleep. If you find that your breasts need extra support at night, a sleep bra is the ideal choice. With a non-wired and seamfree design, sleep bras are the perfect option for those who require extra support at night.

In Summary

For those endowed with larger breasts, sleeping without a bra can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you want to lay on your side. However, traditional bras with their underwires, hook and eyes and seams can also be rather uncomfortable when you’re lying in bed.

Sleep bras provide an alternative, allowing your breasts to remain supported throughout the night, without the confines of a traditional underwired bra. With a seamless and non-wired design, breathable fabrics and stretchy materials, sleep bras are a great option for those that need a little extra support during the night.

In this article, we’ve talked you through our top four options for sleep bras, so that you can find the perfect option to support your bust while you sleep. And your sleep bra doesn’t just need to be reserved for sleep either. Whether you’re lounging around the house, binging Netflix or working from home, sleep bras are the ideal way to get the support you need whilst remaining comfortable.

So, if you’re looking for nightwear with good bust support, take a look at our wide range of sleep bras. There really is something for every shape, size and style.

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