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Bra Too Big?

Try These Simple Tips

Written on 15 September 2021

Bra too big


What may have been a great fitting bra a few months ago, is now feeling a bit off. But why is this? Read on to identify if your bra might now be too big and how to fix it with simple ‘DIY at home’ tips or a professional bra fitting service. 

Your Bra May Be Too Big If 

  • Your breasts are bouncing more than usual
  • The band rides up your back 
  • There is a gap between your breasts and bra cup 
  • Bra cups are wrinkled when you take off the bra 
  • You’re constantly tightening your bra straps 
  • You’ve run out of hooks on the fastening, so can’t make the band any smaller 

Our bodies don’t stay the same forever, and for many of us, we’re subjected to monthly changes that fluctuate with hormone cycles too. It’s only natural then that your breasts will change size and shape over time too. 

When this happens, it’s important to pay attention to the little signs that your bra isn’t fitting properly so that you can get refitted and keep your breasts comfortable, supported, and staying put in the right place! 

The best ways to fix the problem of having a bra that is too big is to use a professional fitting service or to make sure you are paying attention to the fitting tips below. Both options will help to ensure that overflow, underwires, straps and bands are not causing you any problems when it comes to your bra sizing. 

With an estimated more than 70% of ladies walking around with a bra that doesn’t fit them properly, read on for plenty of tips to make sure you’re not wearing a bra that is too big for you! 


How To Tell If Your Bra Is Too Big

Sometimes you barely notice your bra and other times, you’re literally adjusting it all day long to get comfy. If this sounds like you, then there is a 50% chance that the bra you’re wearing is too big for you. 

Are you experiencing any of these tell tale signs that your bra is too big? 

  • Your breasts are bouncing more than usual

A bra that is too big will not provide the right level of support for your breasts. This means that they are likely to jiggle around all over the place. 

  • The band rides up your back 

If you’re constantly tugging your bra band back down to where it should be, then it’s usually a sign you’re wearing a band size that is too big. As the band is where most of the support in a bra comes from, getting this element right is crucial to a correctly fitting and supportive bra. 

  • There is a gap between your breasts and bra cup

If you can see a gap between your breasts and bra cup when you look down or tip forward, then your cup size is on the large size 

  • Bra cups are wrinkled when you take off the bra

Your breasts should properly fill the cups of the bra which in turn smooths out the lining of the cups. If the lining is wrinkled when you take off your bra, it’s a big sign that your cups are too big for your breasts. 

  • You’re constantly tightening your bra straps

Bra straps should not fall down and should not be so tight that they leave marks on your shoulders. If you’re constantly pulling your straps back into place, then they’re too big and you need to make some adjustments. 

  • You’ve run out of hooks on the fastening

If you’re already using the smallest fastening setting (the one nearest the cups), then you definitely need to go down at least one band size.


Getting Your Bra Size And Fit Correct

Get bra size and fit correct

If you’ve now identified that your bra is too big, the next step is to understand how to find a perfectly fitting bra. 

Here at Flowerbags, bra fittings are one of the services that we offer to help our clients find a perfectly fitting bra whatever their body shape. We know that not everybody will be able to visit our South Wales store, so we’ve outlined the key things you should pay attention to to ensure that you can spot if your bra fits you perfectly from the comfort of your own home too.

You Know Your Bra Fits Properly If 

  • There is no overflow in the cup area
  • Underwires are resting against your ribcage and not on top of delicate breast tissue
  • You can comfortably fit two fingers under the band - no more, and no less
  • You barely notice the straps 
  • You feel confident and well put together 

Cups Are Nicely Filled Without Gaps Or Overflow 

When your bra fits properly, your breasts will fill the cups, leaving no gap, and without any overflow at the front of the sides. Exceptions to this might be if you’re wearing a push up bra and that very full, up front look is what you’re aiming for! 

Underwires Rest On Your Ribcage, Not Your Breasts 

Underwires that poke and prod all day long are no fun for anyone. To ensure wires aren’t a problem, an underwired bra should remain against the skin at the top of your ribcage, and not ride up over your breast or dig in under your armpits. A great test for this is to lift your arms above your head when trying on. If the wire stays under your breast without the bra ‘popping up’ at the front, then the bra is fitting you well. 

You can comfortably fit two fingers under the band - no more, and no less

The majority of a bra's support comes from the band. That means the band size is one of the most important elements to get right when ensuring you are wearing a correctly fitting bra. You should be able to slip two fingers underneath the band comfortably. If you can fit more than two, then the band is too big and if you can’t fit two fingers underneath, then it’s too small and you’re likely to end up with painful red marks around your chest at the end of the day. 

You Barely Notice The Straps 

The straps are not the main star of the show when it comes to supporting the breasts in a correctly fitting bra - that’s the band's job. Straps are not designed to do all the lifting but instead should provide just the right level of support to stay on your shoulders without digging in or falling down. 

You Feel Confident And Well Put Together 

Great fitting underwear definitely gives us a spring in our step and when you’ve found the right bra for you, you'll know! No more worrying about your too big bra riding up your back or dragging the straps back to your shoulders every five minutes. Bliss. 

Now you know how to ensure you’re wearing a correctly fitting bra, it’s time for the exciting part - stocking up on some brand new underwear that fits you like a glove and makes you feel confident, comfortable and supported all day long.


Bra Fitting Service From Flowerbags

bra fitting service

We understand that sometimes, you just need a bit of support when it comes to finding the best fitting bra, which is why we’re proud to offer a professional bra fitting service in store for our customers. 

As bra fitters, we focus on all the points outlined above, rather than the numbers of a tape measure to offer general fitting and mastectomy fittings that ensure that every woman visiting us in our South Wales store leaves with the best fitting bra they can. 

General Bra Fitting - 30 mins.

This service is perfect for ladies that require a regular bra fitting service or help with swimwear. We will ensure you find a bra that fits without setting eyes on a measuring tape! 

Mastectomy Fitting Service - 60 minutes

This service is perfect for ladies that need a little more time to find the perfect bra or swimwear. Wether it’s your first bra post surgery and you’re feeling a bit nervous, or just want to take your time trying on all the styles available in our mastectomy range, we’ve got you covered. 

To book a bra fitting or trying on service, please use the booking system on our website or call 01656 856160 to book a suitable time. 

Many high street retailers still offer a measuring service but it’s important to know that we don’t offer a measuring service in store. This is because we believe that getting the fit right should take the lead when bra shopping, not the size on the label. This is because bras vary in shape and style even within the same brand, so fit is always the best guide as to whether you’re wearing the right bra or not. 

Looking for a great fitting bra? 

Book A Bra Fitting Appointment With Flowerbags


Benefits Of Fitting Service

A professional bra fitting service can diagnose any problems with your current bra, introduce you to styles that will complement your breasts, save time in the fitting room and bring comfortable, perfectly fitting bras right to you! 

  • A bra fitting will ensure you leave the store with a perfectly fitting bra and can save you cash in the long run. How often have you got home with your new bra that felt ok in the shop but then you can’t wait to take the bra off a few hours later? Save the time and expense of buying the wrong bras with the support of a fitter. 
  • If you’re between bra sizes, a good fitter will know whether you need to go down a band size or up a cup size just by looking. 
  • It’s a stress free service just for you that you can build into your shopping trip before enjoying the lasting effects a well fitting bra provides. 


Where To Find Great Bras Online? 

Whether you’re looking for bras to boost your cleavage, provide support during exercise, minimise the appearance of your breasts, support your new shape following surgery, or just want to find a great matching set of lingerie, then there is something for every body type at flowerbags.co.uk. Here are just a few of our favourites below.

Berlei Beauty Stripe Smoothing Minimiser Bra

Berlei minimiser bra

This might be one of the prettiest minimiser bras we’ve seen. We adore this Berlei minimiser bra with its full cups, flattering stripes, and gorgeous lace with reinforced padded straps for extreme comfort. This is a look that will compliment all of your favourite going out outfits or provide a little bit of luxury during the day. It even comes with matching briefs with light control to create the ultimate streamlined look. 

  • Full cup minimiser bra.
  • Non padded, smoothing cups to give a seamless finish under clothes.
  • Adjustable reinforced padded straps for all day comfort.
  • 62% polyamide, 20% elastane, 18% polyester
  • Matching briefs also available. 

Available in cup sizes D-G with matching briefs available in sizes 12-22

Amoena Frances Non-wired Front Closure Bra

Front closure bra non wired

This superb bra from Ameona Lingerie offers excellent post surgery comfort and features in our mastectomy range. The Frances non-wired front closure bra is an excellent option for those initial post surgery days and weeks when the skin around your chest may still be feeling tight and you want to minimise unnecessary stretching or reaching to fasten your bra. The convenient front closure means that you can simply look down and secure with minimal movement. 

This bra comes in nine superb colour options to choose including black, white, rose taupe, rose, peach blossom, nude, new in navy, two toned pattern grey and white flowers, and finally a two tone patterned blue and white. Good luck choosing your favourite! 

Available in sizes XS (28/30), S (32/34), M (36/38), L (40/42), XL (44/46), XXL (48/50). Cup sizes range from A-E and is VAT exempt. Shop now. 


Panache Sports Bra 5021

Panache ultimate sports bra

Panache make some of the best sports bras available. This Ultimate model provides excellent coverage and support for our larger chested ladies that loves to work out. 

It features a multi way strap which can be worn traditionally or in a racer style and offers a super smooth shape for a sleek look under your gym gear. The specialist microfiber fabric wicks away sweat to keep you cool while you’re working out and the silicone wires are wrapped for added comfort - meaning it’s a great candidate for all day wear too! 

Available in black and white in cup sizes E-J - Shop now. 

Playtex Microsoft Support Soft Cup Bra - 2 Pack

Playtex soft cup bra

Every girl needs a dependable t-shirt bra in her underwear drawer and this wireless, microfibre, two pack from Playtex is an ultra-comfortable option to consider. 

  • Featuring comfortably wide straps and the famous X-shaped Cross Your Heart design, synonymous with Playtex quality.
  • The cups lift your curves and are supported by wide elasticated banding.

Available in black and white or white and white packs, in cup sizes B-E - Shop now 

Related Questions

Is It Bad To Wear A Bra That Is Too Big? 

When wearing a bra that is too big, your breasts aren’t properly supported. This can lead to delicate breast tissue becoming stretched or damaged over time without the right level of support to prevent unnecessary bouncing. This movement can also be a pretty uncomfortable problem in itself, particularly for ladies with larger chests. 

How To Make A Bra Smaller 

You may know that your bra is too big, but maybe you don’t have the cash to splash out on a new one right now. The good news is, there are a few simple things you can try to get the bra you already have fitting you better by adjusting one or all of the following areas;

  • Adjust the straps
  • Cup size adjustment 
  • Use the last fastening 

Strap adjustment 

To tighten a bra strap that is too big, you need to hold the slide adjuster on the strap and move the free strap area towards the adjuster. The closer the adjuster is to the cup, the shorter and tighter the strap will become. Depending on the size and alignment of your breasts and shoulders, don’t be alarmed if one strap needs to be tighter or looser than the other. 

Cup Size Adjustment 

Although not ideal, you can reduce the size of a cup by pinching a small amount of fabric and securing this with a safety pin or stitch on the inside of the cup. Now obviously, this might lead to some rubbing so isn’t a great long term solution and sizing down a cup size would be the better option here. 

Use The Last Fastening 

If your bra is feeling too big around the band, check which hook fastening you’re using. It’s always best to start with the fastening right at the end of the band then work your way inwards as the bra stretches and gets looser over time. If you have reached the smallest setting, nearest to the cups, then the band can’t be made any smaller and it’s time to hit the shops for a size down. 



We hope that we’ve given you plenty of things to think about, and tips to try if you’re struggling with a bra that is too big.

As a reminder, a bra that is too big: 

  • Allows your breasts to bound more than usual 
  • Causes the band to ride up your back 
  • May have a gap between your breasts and bra cup 
  • Could have wrinkled cups when you take off the bra
  • Needs adjustment of straps that are too loose
  • Will have run out of hooks at the fastening to make the band smaller

If you need a hand finding bras in the right size, are unsure about which bra size or style is best for you, or if you just want a second opinion, then a professional bra fitting is a great way to resolve the problem of your bra being too big. 

If however you’re armed with all the info you need and are ready to get shopping for new smaller bras that fit you perfectly, then there are plenty of great options to choose from online at flowerbags lingerie. 

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